Del Oro Foundation is a Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-training Center & Sanctuary for animals in need. Driven by volunteers with a strong passion for animals, we are dedicated and committed

  • To rescue, foster, train, socialize and rehabilitate homeless, neglected and abused animals
  • To provide overflow shelter and a sanctuary for animals in need to offer them a useful and respected life
  • To promote the animals in need to ensure they are matched correctly with their new owners
  • To give ongoing support and advice on all aspects of animal care and re-settlement
  • To support and commit to the welfare of all animals
  • To offer search and rescue services to assist local government and private rescue operations

An additional charter of Del Oro Foundation is to preserve the state's extraordinary biological diversity and protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources by aiding in Maintenance and Management of Public Land Usage and creating and improving opportunities for high-quality outdoor experience of the visitors and educating the public about gentle, ‘leave no trace’ use of the outdoors.

The foundation assists various government agencies and other non-profit charitable organizations in conserving and developing public land through trail building and maintenance, nature conservancy and restoration of impacted areas as well as educational information and outreach events for the benefit of the public

Working with the Mounted Assistance Units of various operations, we do most of this charitable work on horseback by riding and packing in to destinations

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